Goon Movie Trailer

Posted by Grinder Threads on September 12, 2011.

It's been a while since a good hockey flick has hit the silver screen. Sure, we've had the heart warming 'Miracle' and the cliche Mighty Duck Disney classics in recent memory but it's been a few decades since we've had a gritty hockey classic like Slap Shot to call our own.

Well, the drought may be over...

After numerous rumblings and speculation dating back to 2009 it looks like "Goon" is close to reality given a recently released trailer touting a 2012 release date. Loosely inspired by minor league enforcer Doug Smith, Goons offers up a not too shaby cast - including Seann William Scott of American Pie fame. Get ready Grinders...this could be a good'er.

Check out the trailer below:

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