Hockey in Words: A Poetic Ending to HBO 24/7

Posted by Adam Runquist on January 05, 2011.

To wrap up an incredibly engaging glimpse into the sport we love, HBO delivered what can only be described as a truly poetic epitaph to the 24/7 series. 

From the fourth and final episode:

"Hockey won't hold still for a portrait. To gain a glimpse inside, you join it in progress...just as players do. Jumping onto the ice for their shifts as the game swirls around them. 

On that ice the action moves at high speeds. The punishment doled out can be staggering. And the very best in the world form bands of brothers, as authentic as any in sports. 

Virtuoso talents alongside distinctive leaders. Fearless combatants and relentless competitors. They play with an intensity from another age. A passion invulnerable to cynicism and an energy that embraces whatever the ice offers next. Through heights and depths, lengthy streaks, and sudden turnarounds. A spirited collision in a national spotlight, they have revealed a portrait of a season in progress.  

Hockey won't hold still to give you a better look. You wouldn't want it to anyway. It's the action that makes the possibilities endless. The next practice, the next city, and the next game await...."


Well played, HBO. Well played.


  1. Diah February 23, 2012

    I’m eetxcid for 24/7 because well, it will feature my favorite team, Washington Caps. The fact that HBO is doing this? I trust really good judgment in HBO after watching Broad Street Bullies and Magic & Bird . HBO knows what they’re doing when it comes to Sports documentaries. Can’t wait to see it!

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